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Pre-Travel Risk Portal

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Get GOPASS Global travel risk information & reports at your fingertips

GOPASS Global platform access enables you to provide the most authoritative and up-to-date advice to your travelers about Covid-related impacts on their travel plans. Our reports draw on more than 35 sources of data, in near real time, to deliver incredible value to corporate and leisure agencies of any size by identifying the potential risks travelers might face throughout their journey.

The platform provides 3 super useful solutions with more on the way:

  • GOPASS Travel Risk Optimizer
    Enter your client’s travel plans and the GOPASS Optimizer will assess and rank the level of risk on a scale of 10. You can continue to adjust elements of the itinerary to bring down the risk score. Download a PDF risk report.
  • GOPASS Travel Risk Assessment gives you the same information as the Optimizer but using a known itinerary. You simply insert the trip PNR or flight details to receive a comprehensive downloadable risk assessment, covering everything from restrictions to hotspots.
  • GOPASS Bio Risk Map gives you the risk status and government regulations of countries around the world, in near real time, with clear risk ratings. Especially helpful for leisure agencies, consultants can search for a destination and get the most current information about Covid-19 restrictions and requirements at their fingertips or as a Country Risk Assessment download.

PDF Downloads

The portal provides 2 reports that you can download as a PDF to share with your clients; Country Risk Assessments (from the Bio Risk Map) and Travel Risk Assessments.

Pricing Plans

Our plans offer you a way to get an introductory subscription that suits your needs without over committing.

With the free to browse PDF Usage deal, you get full access to the platform with zero commitment. You are only charged when you click Download PDF on any of our tools. 

If you plan to use it a lot, you might be better off going for the 10 User Unlimited deal. With this deal you can download as much as you like for a flat fee each month. This allows you to update your travel risk assessments whenever the client demands at no extra cost.



PDF Usage

10 User Unlimited

Access to Portal Features

  • Trip Risk Assessments
  • Trip Risk Optimizer
  • Bio Risk Map.









Account features
  • User accounts
  • PDF downloads included
  • Billing monthly.




In arrears


Up to 10


In advance


  • PDF Downloads

  • Upgrade to a larger plan without penalty if prior to the end of the billing cycle
  • Cancel or downgrade before the end of your billing cycle to avoid another monthly fee
  • Credit card required for setup

Free to browse

US$3 per PDF





US $50 / mth

no charge

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Account Login

  • Delay between providing your payment method and receiving login details via email.


48 hours


48 hours

Sign up process

By signing up here, you'll get access to the platform within 48 hours.

  1. Click either link above to get started, then fill out the form
  2. Create a billing account, choose your package and add your payment method.
  3. Wait 48 hours to receive your portal login via email.
  4. Sign-in to the portal and away you go. 
  5. You will receive an invoice via email each month and you'll see usage reporting via the portal.

You can find help on getting started in our Knowledge Base or in the demonstration video above.

 Sample Travel Risk Assessment

Click the image to open a sample PDF version (note the report findings are not current).

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